Refund and warranty

Refusal of an order, Return of quality products:

  1. The Buyer (individual person) has the right to refuse the Product without giving reasons within 14 days from the date of purchase, if it was not used, damaged or changed in appearance, that is, the appearance of the Products or its packaging was changed only to the extent , which is necessary to verify the received Products. The Buyer uses this right responsibly and returns the Product in its original neat packaging, as well as returns all parts of the Product. The cost of returning the products shall be borne by the Buyer.
  2. In special cases specified by the Seller, high-quality Products may be returned in a longer period.
  3. When returning the products, the Buyer is responsible for reducing the cost of the products that occurred in connection with actions that were not necessary to establish the nature, properties and operation of the products.
  4. Products can be returned to the address Ganibu dambis 22c in Riga.
  5. Within 7 (seven) days from the date of return of the Product, the Seller returns the money for the Product and its delivery costs to the Buyer after receiving the returned Product and evaluating its quality. If only part of the Products is returned, the delivery costs are partially refunded.
  6. The Product must be returned in its original packaging (with instructions and a certificate, if any were delivered with the product). When making a refund, the Buyer must provide an invoice or receipt.
  7. The Buyer is responsible for completing the returned product. If the product is not complete, the Seller does not accept the returned product.
  8. The Buyer's right to return quality products purchased in the online store does not apply:
    1. A Product manufactured at the Buyer's direction, or an explicitly personalized Product (considering the Buyer's personal needs);
  9. The right to cancel the remote purchase and sale agreement within 14 (fourteen) days without specifying the reason does not apply to legal entities (entrepreneurs).

Quality of products:

  1. Product photos are for illustrative purposes only, and original products may differ from images. These photos cannot be used as a basis for claims. The Product is considered acceptable if it matches the sample, model, or description in the online store.
  2. If the delivered Product does not meet the quality requirements, the Buyer can contact the "Svaru Pasaule" service center on Ganibu dambis 22c in Riga or by Phone: +371 67388559.
  3. Products whose quality is in doubt are first given to the service center, and only after establishing that the Product is of poor quality, actions can be taken to refund money, warranty service, repair or exchange.
  4. The warranty period is from 5 to 15 (five to fifteen) business days. In exceptional cases, when Products are sent to warranty service centers in another EU state or if backup parts for repairs are not available on site, the product warranty service process may last from 14 to 60 (fourteen to sixty) business days, depending on the nature of the product. We emphasize that in any case, we strive to implement the guarantee process in the shortest possible period of time.
  5. The Seller is not responsible for, and does not reimburse for, the information contained in the devices provided for warranty service, or the restoration or re-creation of such information.
  6. The warranty obligations of the product manufacturer are valid only if the conditions of use of the product are not violated. Before using the Product, the Buyer should carefully read the product's operating instructions, if any available.
  7. After the Customer receives a notification by the specified phone number or email about the performed warranty service or repair, the devices are stored in the service center for no more than 2 (two) months. Further, the Seller has the right to no longer store the goods. The Product can be disposed. In this case, the Seller is not responsible for the Customer's losses incurred in connection with the destruction of the products.
  8. The quality warranty provided by the Seller does not restrict the rights of the Customer (consumer), which are established by legal acts in case of purchase of products or services of inadequate quality. Disputes about the quality of products, returns and other terms of sale are resolved in accordance with the rules for making purchases, and on the basis of national legal acts.
  9. We will answer all your questions related to warranty and repair by email: or Phone: +371 67388559.
  10. Disputes between the Customer and the Seller are resolved through negotiations. If the Seller refuses to satisfy the Customer's complaint or the Customer does not agree with the solution offered by the Seller and finds that his or her rights or interests have been violated, the Customer can file a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Committee.

Product of low quality or incomplete configuration

  1. A customer who wants to file a complaint about a product of poor quality or incomplete configuration can do so at the service center or by email
  2. When submitting a complaint, the Customer must provide the following information:
    1. Product's Order number (invoice number);
    2. Describe / list signs of a defect, Product malfunction, or missing parts.
    3. Provide other evidence (for example, a photo of the Product, a photo of the place of the defect (if it is a mechanical damage and it may be photographed), a photo of the Product packaging, etc.)
  3. When submitting a complaint, the Customer must indicate how he went to the claim to be resolved:
    1. The Seller shall eliminate the defect of the Product free of charge within a reasonable time, if the defects can be eliminated.
    2. Replacement of the Product with a similar good quality product, unless the defects are minor or caused by the Customer.
    3. Cancel the transaction and refund the price paid by the Customer for the Product if the product of poor quality is a significant violation of the order.
  4. After reviewing the claim, the response is provided within 7 (seven) days. In case of a refund, the Seller returns the money for the Product and the cost of its delivery to the Customer. If only part of the Products is returned, the delivery costs are partially refunded.

Damaged parcel

  1. Check the quality of the delivered parcel with the courier. If you notice that the parcel is damaged, then:
    1. Tell about this to the courier who delivered the Products.
    2. Check the Items inside the package and, if they are damaged, take photos of the damage. Photos will be required for the product return procedure.
    3. If the packaging is not damaged, you do not need to check the Products with the courier. If You accepted the parcel and signed the documents, it is considered that the parcel was delivered in normal condition.